Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Lavonte David joins Booger and Rich every Tuesday at 4:20pm to give you an on the field look at the Bucs.

David said that all players get randomly drug tested. Everyone has to do it and to his understanding, no one has an issue taking the tests.

Despite the turmoil around One Buc, the defense has been very good and David says that they go into every game with the mentality that they need to put the game on their shoulders. David says the gameplan and the mentality let’s everyone know that they’re going to get it on Sundays.

When Greg Schiano announced that there was a new QB, David said he was shocked at first. Some guys looked around at each other and said no matter who their QB is, they have to support him.

With the bye week approaching, David said it’s a great time to get some time to think about what’s going on and get back in the film room to improve. As far as practice is concerned, David said the team is focused on correcting mistakes.

David said that he didn’t even notice that Josh Freeman wasn’t on the sidelines with the team. He said it didn’t seem any different. He says Freeman probably wasn’t on the field because it would be a distraction.

David said that everyone is still together and it still feels like a family. Everyone feels like they can win every game they go out and play despite the 0-4 start. He says it shows the fans that we’re all in this together.


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