Trust at One Buc?

by Chris Dingman - @dingdish

Trust is a hard thing to gain, and an easy thing to lose. It is imperative in all relationships. Marriages don’t work without it, nor does parenting, friendships, and, importantly for athletes, coaching. Coaching is a lot like parenting. You’re trying to get young men/kids to believe in what you’re saying and your belief systems. Why is a question I’ve heard countless times from my kids or kids that I coach. My response is, “if you do a, you will get better at b”. When your kids or players see results, there is no better feeling than having the culmination of your efforts succeed. It goes the other way also. Players need support from their teammates, coaches, and management.

Don’t kid yourselves– athletes are some of the most insecure people on the planet. It’s easy to go on the offense, talk trash, so no one can see that deep down you are scared to get embarrassed, beat, roasted, run over in practice, in a game on tv. Worse yet, being humiliated on film, while the whole team watches during video for a week. One missed field goal, fumbled punt, dropped pass, 0-3 start and you’re out of a job. Athletes make way more money than the rest of us, but they are a living, breathing reality show. No excuses, just reality. Is this why Josh Freeman has been struggling? Not feeling the love of the coach? Maybe part of it? Is it an excuse? All I know is I played my best hockey when I wasn’t looking over my shoulder, thinking that one turnover would take me out of the line up and one step closer to the minors, or unemployment. It doesn’t matter what job you have, trust between employee and employer is paramount, as is being comfortable, and being put in the best position to succeed. Since they couldn’t find it together, here’s hoping Josh Freeman, Greg Schiano and the Bucs can find it elsewhere.

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