(AUDIO) NFL Network’s Sterling Sharpe: The Blame for Last Second Losses Falls on Greg Schiano

NFL Network analyst Sterling Sharpe joined Booger and Rich to talk about the troubles that have been plaguing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers so far this season.

Sharpe said that the Bucs don’t have much continuity and balance on the offensive side of the ball. The defense is good but the offense has to score more points for them to be successful.

With 2 last second losses in 2 games this season, the Bucs have seen a lot of criticism and blame come down on coaches and players alike. Sharpe said in the end, it’s Greg Schiano’s fault. He’s a good coach but he’s not pushing the right buttons in the last few minutes of the game.

Sharpe talked about Vincent Jackson and said the role of the number one receiver is to find a way to make a play when the team is trying to close the game out. Sharpe also said Jackson has been a great player in Tampa and is much better than he was in San Diego.

It was unknown how Darrelle Revis would play this season, but Sharpe says he’s been solid. He’s giving the Bucs defense a chance to do different things because he essentially eliminates a receiver for the opposition.

The Bucs face Tom Brady and the Patriots this Sunday and Sharpe says that Brady is the best QB in the entire NFL. He said aside from Randy Moss, he’s never had a star receiver but continues to put up incredible numbers and win football games. The key matchup however, will be between the Patriots receivers and the Bucs defense. If the Bucs can neutralize those young receivers, then Sharpe says the Bucs have a chance to win.

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