Every Wednesday the former MLB skipper Kevin Kennedy joins Booger and Rich to break down the Rays and talk about all the other major news in baseball.

With all the locker room disarray at One Buc, Kennedy said as a manager of a team, sometimes you have to close the doors and make sure all of that dirty laundry stays in house. Kennedy said if there’s a guy who let’s private things get out, then that player has to be removed immediately to keep the peace.

As a manager, Kennedy said you have to embrace the personalities of your players, especially with your super stars. Kennedy said he liked to get to know everything he could about his players so he could relate to them. If you fight with your players, Kennedy says managers and coaches will always lose that battle.

Kennedy recalled getting to know star pitcher Nolan Ryan when he was a young manager for the Texas Rangers. He said Ryan made it very easy and said whatever you need from me I will do it. The only thing Ryan did was recommended some assistant coaches to him.

Last night, Jeremy Hellickson gave up a home run on the first pitch of the game. Kennedy said the Rays can’t afford to have such a inconsistent pitcher in their rotation right now, especially during a playoff race. Joe Maddon told Kennedy that there’s not enough difference between Hellickson’s fastball and his off speed stuff. Kennedy said now is not the time to resurrect his mechanics.


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