Every Tuesday at 4:20pm, Bucs linebacker and signal caller Lavonte David joins Booger and Rich to give you an inside look at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Today David talked about the Bucs Week 2 loss to the Saints and what it was like to go against Drew Brees.

David said that losing games in the final minutes of the 4th quarter hurts, but this is the NFL and the Bucs have played two great opponents. They’ve just got to work on finishing. There’s no one issue late in the game according to David and he said Drew Brees caught them slipping in some areas and capitalized.

David did say the defense did a great job of pressuring Brees and getting to the QB throughout the game. The Bucs need to limit the big plays and stop making mistakes that cost the team points like the drive late in the game.

Reports said that Darrelle Revis was unhappy with having to play zone coverage against the Saints. David said he’s not sure about that and as the play caller, David just calls the play that comes into his helmet. He did say that Revis is as good as advertised and is getting back to being the best corner in football.

With Goldson’s suspension for illegal hits, David said that it’s tough to avoid some of those penalties, especially for guy like Goldson who has done that his entire career. As a linebacker, David said he’s gotta be careful where he hits.

The Bucs linebackers have been dominant and David said simply they’re just playing football and just trying to have fun. The group has each others’ backs and everyone keeps their spirits up on gameday.

Look out for Adrian Clayborn, David said. He said he’s a great football player and is finally getting healthy from his ACL injury. David said their entire front seven has been solid this season and playing with hard working players makes you elevate your game even more.

Despite all the turmoil around One Buc, David said that the players and the coaches do in fact trust each other. David said they’re trying to make it seem like one big family and they all have one goal: win games.


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