Key to a Successful Schiano Quarterback: Leadership and Mental Toughness

By: Justin Pawlowski - on Twitter: @CommishOnline

On Tuesday, Fan Interference was joined by former Rutgers quarterback Mike Teel.  Teel was one of very few quarterbacks under Greg Schiano to have sustained success, and enough success to be a 4-year starter under Schiano at Rutgers.  Following Teel’s time at Rutgers, Schiano started true freshman at quarterback for three consecutive seasons, displaying his inability to commit to one quarterback.

Having Teel as a guest was to simply get an understanding of what Greg Schiano asks of his quarterbacks and what it takes to succeed under Schiano.

“He asks you to be different,” Teel said of Schiano’s requests of his quarterbacks. “As a quarterback, that’s what you expect because you are different. The quarterback position is the most scrutinized and toughest position in all sports to play, so you need to be a certain type of personality to be able to handle that.  He (Schiano) expects you to be a professional about it, especially as an NFL head coach now.”

There has been growing concern that Freeman has lost his confidence in himself as a player.  Freeman has also lost his title as “captain” for the Buccaneers.

“Quarterback is a position on the team that the guys on the team, they need to be able to respect you,” Teel said of being a 2-time captain at Rutgers. “They will respect you by your leadership ability, not necessarily by being a rah rah guy, but by your work ethic, how much time you’re putting in, how much do you really want it.  That’s something he (Schiano) would expect of his quarterback.”

The question still remains as to whether Freeman will remain as the starting quarterback under Greg Schiano, but Mike Teel feels things will work themselves out.

“Knowing Josh, knowing a couple of players down there that I played with in college, and knowing coach, I think that everything works its way out one way or another.”

Listen to the entire interview here.

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