(AUDIO) John Lynch: Josh Freeman Wasn’t Good Enough

Former Bucs great and current Fox Sports NFL Analyst John Lynch joined Booger and Rich to break down the Buccaneers Week 1 loss to the Jets. Lynch was on the call at MetLife Stadium and called the Bucs play sloppy during the broadcast.

Lynch said that the Bucs looked like they wanted to be a part of the Jets circus and noted that despite communication issues, they still needed to get the job done.

“There’s gotta be a plan B and you’ve gotta be able to operate and function without it,” Lynch said.

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Jets rookie QB Geno Smith played well and Lynch told Booger and Rich that you have to give him credit, but with 34 seconds remaining and the game and no timeouts, the Buccaneers should’ve still been able to close the game out and come out of New York with a win.

Lynch did say that Josh Freeman did his job by leading the team to a go ahead field goal late in the 4th quarter. Overall Lynch said his play was “just ok.” Lynch recalled seeing Freeman as a rookie and thinking that he could be close to an elite QB one day, but his inconsistency has held him back so far in his career.

“Wasn’t terrible, but wasn’t good enough,” Lynch said of Freeman’s play on Sunday.

On Lavonte David’s personal foul call, Lynch said that David is a tremendous player but he had to know the game situation and can’t commit that penalty that late in the game. Lynch called it unfortunate because David is such a fine young player in the NFL.

Dashon Goldson and Mark Barron both had personal foul penalties for hitting a defenseless receiver but Lynch said those don’t worry him. He said teams will watch that film and receivers won’t be as willing to go across the middle when they watch those hits.

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