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(AUDIO) John Buccigross Breaks Down the AFC West

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By Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

By Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

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Is there any team (in the AFC West) that can provide the Broncos with even a hint of mild competition this season? Don’t count on it. Expect Denver to finish at the top, especially given Peyton Manning’s performance on Thursday night. Kansas City could be a bit of a sleeper team if Alex Smith does what KC scouts think he can do.

The Raiders will hardly make a peep. Chew on this salary cap stat: 40% of their salary cap hit is allocated to players who aren’t even on the team anymore. And what’s going on with the Chargers? Do they still play NFL football in San Diego? Ah, you think I’m joking. But when you compare the Chargers to the Broncos, one appears to not even be in the other’s league.

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