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Dinger’s Take On What It’s Like To Be Cut

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By: Jared Wickerham/Getty

By: Jared Wickerham/Getty

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I hear a lot that athletes make millions of dollars, live an easy life and so on. There is about 10% of a team that knows their job is secure, everyone else… On a tryout, show up at camp with a bag of clothes, that’s it. Show up with too many bags your cocky. Cut down day is like dodging mines, tightness in your stomach, knowing that one call and your dreams are over. The one thing you know how to do is gone, walk around with your head down, thinking if no one sees me, they can’t cut me.

You see others get cut, you feel terrible. “Sorry man” you say, but inside all you can think is thank god it’s not me! If you happen to get that call into the gm s office… You’re sweating, your heart drops when you hear the words, “we’re letting you go.” You want to pass out, cry, crawl under the desk, just get out and hope it was a bad dream! You walk out of the office speed walking to get out before your teammates see you.

Into the parking lot, in your car, call your wife and tell her that your done. She tells its okay you’ll get picked up, so nice, but she doesn’t know. Call your agent, I need a job!! What lies ahead?? Days , weeks, months maybe, of training, just waiting for the phone to ring, thinking what the hell am I going to do with the rest of my life if I can t get picked up. No diploma, education just athleticism, a strong work ethic. Scared to death of starting a new career at the age of 28, with a wife, 2 kids, mortgage, not knowing what the next day holds…

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