People give me a hard time that I’m such a Tebow lover, so I sat down and thought about it. What is it about him that’s so polarizing? Why do people either love him or hate him? He should just hang up his cleats and move on!!! I think we all see a little of ourselves in him. Yes, he’s chiseled up, some would say handsome, but he s flawed. He runs like the wind, strong as an ox, won a national championship, Heisman trophy, leader of men, but he can’t throw. His mechanics are flawed, bad footwork, I could go on and on. That’s why I like him, and I think people in general.

I had the opportunity to watch him play in Gainesville. The crowd was electric, and he absolutely dominated. On to Denver, not the same love, cant play, mechanics are bad, not a prototypical nfl quarterback. But due to public pressure he got a chance, and albeit ugly as hell, he won!! Couldn’t make a pass for three quarters but somehow, someway, come the fourth quarter, he could throw a thirty yard bullet right on target, rush for a touchdown, inspire his teammates to victory. I watched week after week, saying to myself it doesn’t matter how bad he is, wait till the fourth quarter. One victory turned into another and before you knew it the guy who couldn’t throw somehow got the Broncos into the playoffs. Perfect pass in overtime to beat the Steelers, humbling loss the next week to the Patriots.

Two teams later, cut by those same Patriots and he is without a job. Nfl carrer in jeopardy. People say go to the cfl, move on with your life, do something else. As someone who has experienced it, it’s a lot easier said then done. It’s all he knows, all he’s done, his whole life and has never failed. You can’t just shut off that competitive spirit, hard work when your whole life losing/not succeeding is not an option! Who knows what the future holds for Tim Tebow, but if he’s playing football, bad mechanics, footwork and all, I’m watching, because I want someone that no one thinks can succeed, to prove everyone wrong.

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