(AUDIO) Scott Reynolds from Pewter Report: Bucs QB Play Has Been Abysmal

Scott Reynolds from Pewter Report joins Booger and Rich every Monday and Friday for the best Bucs coverage in the Bay. Today Scott talked to Booger and guest host The Commish Justin Pawlowski about the Buccaneers final preseason game against the Redskins.

The Bucs will make their cuts this weekend to get down to their 53 man roster and Reynolds said there shouldn’t be too many surprises when cuts are made. Reynolds expects DE Trevor Scott to make the squad and said that this preseason has not been the Bucs’ best.

Mike Glennon didn’t have a great game against the Redskins Thursday night and Reynolds said that overall the QB play has been abysmal in the preseason. Whether it’s the coaching or the players, Reynolds says that remains to be seen.

With Josh Freeman playing for a new contract this season, Reynolds said that the Bucs decision whether or not to give Freeman a new contract is huge. Reynolds did say that Freeman has great physical tools and is still only 25 years old. Reynolds expects Freeman to improve as he ages and matures in the NFL.

Reynolds said that Brian Leonard might be the backup RB to Doug Martin because of his lack of play on Thursday. Reynolds said Leonard is the most trustworthy RB when it comes to pass protection and can catch the ball out of the backfield. Mike James lack of pass protection makes Reynolds think that he won’t win the backup job.

When it comes to defensive end, Reynolds said that several players on the Bucs roster can go inside and play DT during nickel pass situations. This could mean that the Bucs go heavy on defensive ends and light on defensive tackles when shaping out their final roster.

Derek Dimke may have kicked his way out of a job last night according to Reynolds. Dimke missed and extra point and a field goal last night and Reynolds said that sealed his fate. Look for Rian Lindell to win the starting job.

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