Former NFL GM and host at our sister station 105.7 The Fan in Baltimore Vinny Cerrato joined Booger and Rich to break down the Redskins Bucs matchup and tells you what Mark Dominik is looking for from his players in tonight’s final preseason game before making roster cuts.

Cerrato said as a GM, you’re looking at getting no injuries most importantly. Cerrato said any player that gets hurt and you choose to cut still gets paid and counts against your cap. GM’s are also looking for practice squad guys. Cerrato said 31 other teams will see this tape so players on the bubble have to remember that when playing in the final preseason game of the season.

Inconsistency has been Freeman’s biggest achilles heel according to Cerrato. Cerrato said we saw the same issues with Joe Flacco last season and Flacco was not only consistent, but won big games. That is the reason he got paid. Cerrato says if Freeman wins games and is consistent, he will gain fan support and will be signed to a new contract no matter what the price.

When building your roster, Cerrato says a GM has to focus on what kind of offense and defense your team runs. For example, a pass heavy team will likely hang on to more receivers and will put less emphasis on having running backs on their roster. However, most coaches have a clause in their contract that gives them the final say over the 53 man roster.

Cerrato said that the Bucs banking on Da’Quan Bowers could backfire. He said that pass rushers can still beat you even when they’re older and said John Abraham would’ve been a great fit for the Bucs.


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