By Rich Herrera

The legend of Johnny Football continues to get bigger and bigger. How do you top the most exciting year of Texas A&M football making the 12th man and the corps of cadets scream even louder? How do you make one of the most exciting electric football shrines seem even more special? How do you top being the first ever freshman to win the Heisman Trophy? How do you top being the biggest baller since Ric Flair’s limo riding jet flying crew the Four Horseman partied from sea to shining sea. Simple you look the NCAA in the eye you smile and answer all their questions very politely and tell them to put up or shut up and when they admit they don’t have the goods on you, you accept sitting out the first half of a meaningless game against the Rice Owls in a game you were only going to play half the game anyway.

Johnny Manziel did something that Chris Carter could not do, something Terrell Pryor couldn’t do, and something Reggie Bush couldn’t do, and that is beat the NCAA at their own game. Say what you will about if student athletes should be paid or not, all these great football players fell afoul of the rules of the NCAA and were poked and prodded and put through the ringer. Carter was cast aside for hiring an agent, Pryor was sent out the cold night for trading HIS championship rings for tattoos, and Bush was flagged for his parents getting a new place to live.

Johnny Manziel was accused of selling his name for a few dollars supposedly to buy rims for his BMW, and the NCAA went after them with everything they had. If you though the women who accused the parents in The Blind Side of being dishonest, imagine what they accused the Manziel family of.

Manziel is reported to have signed over 4,000 items for total strangers. Strangers who then took a near worthless maroon helmet or football and then with the touch of a sharpie from Johnny Football is selling on eBay for $999.00 right now. Folks name me one thing you would do 4000 times for your best friend in the world for free that he could turn around and make truckloads of cash. Now do it for someone you just met in the airport.

While the spotlight shined like a focus on Johnny Football he looked up and smiled. There were cover stories on poor Johnny and all the pressure he is under. There were puff pieces written about the ills of college football and how Texas A&M made millions of dollars off the back of Johnny Football. Even the NCAA in the middle of the inquisition was humbled when it was exposed for selling Johnny Football t shirts and jerseys making money off this poor kid.

But alas the poor NCAA they ran into someone they couldn’t break, intimidate, coerce, or beat up. They ran into Johnny Football who stood tall in the saddle and said give me your best shot, let me see what you got, and when the empty suits from the NCAA had nothing he looked at them and said thank you very much have a nice day now gladly go on about your business folks. I have things to do, people to make upset, fraternity parties to crash, and tweets to send out I am out of here.
Johnny Football 1 – NCAA 0 Scoreboard Johnny Football


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