Was The Jon Bostic Hit A Legal Hit?

Chicago Bears rookie LB Jon Bostic has been fined $21,000 by the NFL for a hit he made on San Diego’s WR Mike Willie.

The tackle in question came on a play in the second half of Chicago’s 33-28 win over San Diego. The play was not flagged on the field, and if you watch the replay, he wraps up and drives Willie to the ground.

Was there helmet to helmet contact? Yes. Was it intentional? You be the judge: Watch the hit here.

So now, we’re asking you, the football fan: do you think hits like this should be considered illegal?

Was it just a normal play we’re going to see each and every Sunday?

Or, do you think Bostic intentionally lowered his head to lower the boom and make a big hit?

Some players in the NFL have voiced their dismay over the fine. Citing the season-ending hit that the Miami Dolphins’ TE Dustin Keller received, many wonder why no fine was issued in that instance but it was for the Bears’ rookie.

Bostic’s teammate, LB Lance Briggs, stood up for Bostic by tweeting his displeasure with the league’s ruling…


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