Greg Schiano’s Preseason Decisions Have Been Wrong

We all gathered around our television on Friday night and waited to see the Buccaneers perform against the Patriots. What we were treated to was a very pathetic performance lead by an offense that was abysmal and a defense that looked like it belonged in the AAC. Over reaction? Maybe, but I don’t think so.

Offensively I was very disappointed in Josh Freeman but more in head coach Greg Schiano. Coach Schiano is supposed to be a Belechick clone. He is supposed to have learned from the 5 time Super Bowl participating head coach, only he didn’t. See three days after Tom Brady had a scare with a knee injury he was playing 23 plays in a preseason game that didn’t count, but to him it mattered. On the other hand Josh Freeman played 6 plays and looked pathetic at best. See the difference? Greg Schiano should’ve played Freeman more and you and I both know it. But instead he said he got enough work during practice. Well didn’t Tom Brady get the same work? Exactly!

Defensively I have supported Mark Dominik in all the moves that he made but I’m starting to question the move not to get a defensive end in free agency. If you look at Adrian Clayborn, he is progressing well coming off the ACL and should be able to regain his form. But he’s a power rusher not a speed guy, which means his pass rush won’t be sudden and quick. Da’Quan Bowers is the one that is struggling mightily and the one that will have everyone questioning Dominik. He is not what we thought he was going to be and that isn’t good. We need more from Bowers and if we don’t get it, it will be the worst outcome for Buccaneer fans.

Greg Schiano is the coach and you have to trust him, but I don’t believe he’s doing the right thing with playing time in the preseason and only time will tell whether I’m right or wrong. I may be wrong but I doubt it.

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