The Bucs lost a tough preseason game in New England that saw Josh Freeman get sacked 3 times and Tom Brady engineer a 15 plays touchdown drive to start the game. Scott Reynolds from Pewter Report joined Booger and guest host Mark Cook to break it down.

Reynolds ran down the latest news today and said that Carl Nicks has an infected blister on his foot, the same foot as his injured toe. According to Reynolds, the Bucs are being very cautious with Carl Nicks, Davin Joseph and Darrelle Revis because they are experienced players and they don’t want to rush them back before they’re ready. Reynold reiterated that the Bucs can likely get by the New York Jets Week 1 without Darrelle Revis.

Josh Freeman has only taken 22 snaps in the two preseason games so far and Reynolds said that it’s standard for starters to play the entire first half of Week 3 preseason games. Reynolds think Schiano made a mistake by taking Freeman out after the second Bucs series. He says he would’ve liked to see Freeman run the offense for just one more series to see if they could get something going.

Doug Martin left Friday’s game with a head injury and the Bucs have said that it wasn’t a concussion. Reynolds thinks Martin had his bell rung, but it wasn’t a severe blow to the head. Martin did participate in practice but could not be hit.

Greg Schiano saw better effort out of Da’Quan Bowers on Friday night but Reynolds said he still has work to do to secure a starting spot for Week 1.


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