(AUDIO) Scott Reynolds from Pewter Report: No Pressure from Bucs on Revis to be Ready for Week 1

Every Monday and Friday, Scott Reynolds from Pewter Report joins Booger and Rich to give you the latest on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

There have been reports that Darrelle Revis won’t be ready for Week 1 and Reynolds said that Schiano thinks he will be ready to play the Jets. However, Reynolds says Week 1 isn’t nearly as important as Week 2 vs the Saints and Week 3 against the Patriots. Reynolds also said that there is no internal pressure from the organization to get onto the field and play Week 1.

Reynolds said that the practices have been very physical lately and some of the players are getting sick and tired of hitting each other and get wait to get onto the field on Thursday and hit someone on the Ravens.

David Joseph and Carl Nicks were out last season with injury and Reynolds said it’s unlikely that either one of them will play in the first preseason game saying there’s no need to risk getting them hurt before the start of the season.

There’s been a linebacker battle between Dekoda Watson and Jonathan Casillas has been brewing in camp but Reynolds says that Watson has a strangle hold on the starting spot and has the potential to have a big season.

During Thursday’s preseason game, Brian Leonard is likely to see a lot of carries according to Reynolds and is in the driver’s seat for the backup RB position. The most interesting RB to watch in Reynolds’ opinion will be Peyton Hillis.

Adrian Clayborn tried to return to practice today and wasn’t able to finish because of tightness in his groin. This is concerning to Reynolds because groins are a very difficult injury to overcome. Rookie pass rusher Steven Means could be his replacement if he can’t get healthy.

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