(AUDIO) Derrick Brooks Said He and Warren Sapp Both Wanted to be Great

Derrick Brooks 8-2

Booger and Rich were broadcasting live from Canton, Ohio for the NFL Hall of Fame induction of Buccaneer great Warren Sapp. Former teammate and future Hall of Famer himself Derrick Brooks joined Booger and Rich to recount his time playing with number 99.

Brooks said that he’s anticipating the moment he gets to see Warren Sapp get enshrined in the Hall of Fame and can’t wait to see the emotion that he’ll see out of his former teammate.

Tony Dungy told Booger and Rich that he brought Brooks and Sapp into his office to tell them what needed to change with the organization.

“We didn’t know what to expect when we walked into his office,” Brooks joked. “We did not look at it as a challenge…we felt obligated.”

As unlikely as it may seem, Brooks and Sapp are great friends. Brooks didn’t have a true reason for why two opposites in demeanor get along so well but said both were motivated by the same thing: wanting to be great.

Brooks told the story of the “trick knee” where Warren Sapp was complaining of a hurt knee during practice. He was given an MRI and the doctor said the knee was as healthy as ever. It turns out Sapp was just trying to get out of practice and teammates like Booger and Brooks had a great time laughing at him for being a faker.

When asked about his time to get into Canton next year, Brooks said that this was Sapp’s moment, not his.

“I’m just grateful to be there to support him.”


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