Buccaneers Need More Out of Hillis and Leonard

By: Justin Pawlowski Twitter: @Commishonline

One of the big battles at Buccaneers training camp has been at backup running back.

While the off-season left us wondering if young players like Michael Smith and Mike James could take that role, it has been Brian Leonard and newly acquired Peyton Hillis as the most likely candidates for the spot.

As Mark Cook of Pewter Report points out, the Buccaneers need more than just rushing attempts from their backup running backs.

In his post-practice press conference Schiano talked about Brian Leonard and Peyton Hillis and what they will need to do, in addition to just providing depth at tailback.

“How many backs can you really dress?” Schiano said. “They need to be able to play on special teams and they need to have some multi-purpose use. Unless they’re just a tremendous, tremendous one-two punch runner. Then you can kind of live with that, but other than that, they better be able to do a bunch of things.

Physically they have to have the traits to do it (playing fullback). I guess emotionally would be the word, because they have to come to grips with the fact that I’m used to running it, now I’m, blocking it. And if you have the right person you don’t have a problem. If you don’t have the right person it is a problem. But I think those two guys are willing to do whatever it takes to help us win so we’re in good shape there.”

Be sure to click the link and see the other notes Pewter Report had from Monday’s practice.


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