I’m Starting to Wonder if Tiger Will Ever Win Another Major

By: Booger McFarland Twitter: @lsubooger

So as we have had a day to ponder what happened at Muirfield where Phil Mickelson played one of the greatest major championship rounds ever shooting 66, you have to wonder somewhere in your thought process: What happened to Tiger Woods? I’ll admit I am a huge Tiger fan so this is painful to ask. Will Tiger win another major championship?

We haven’t seen him win a major since he hobbled off of Torrey Pines, seemingly on one leg, to win the 2008 US Open. In that time we have seen the landscape of golf and the world change. Gone is that confident Tiger who struck fear, for some reason, into his opponents with every shot on the back nine. Gone is the aura of invincibility. Gone are the thoughts of winning another major?

Let’s look at the 4 majors. Seemingly his best shot at the Masters requires you to do the thing that he hates to do: hit driver, and hit driver right to left. The US Open requires you to hit whatever you hit off the tee straight and putt the lights out of the ball. The Open Championship requires you to get lucky as hell and hope the ball bounces your way and for Tiger that just hasn’t happened. The PGA is trying to copy the US Open so see above.

Tiger Woods isn’t the man he used to be but shockingly to all of us he isn’t the golfer either. His ability to be the greatest golfer of all time that hits some of the worst shots with a driver will be the downfall of Tiger. There are 2 clubs in every tour player’s bag that he can’t be afraid of: driver and putter. Tiger Woods is afraid of one and now streaky with the other.

I know Jack had 6 years between major wins but that was at the end of his career and with Tiger in the so called prime, doesn’t this just feel different? He will win a lot of tournaments but the 4 he’s wanted since he was a kid? Those days may be over!

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