Photo by Sabrina Simon

Photo by Sabrina Simon

We’ve enjoyed our vacations, but we’re thrilled to be back on the mic. And thankfully, Special Ed and Fan Interference held down the fort.

Kirk’s highlights of his vacation included being a “Foodie” and going to Lucky Dill Deli & Bern’s Steakhouse, hitting Daytona International Speedway for the big NASCAR race, and the Miller Lite 162 Deck Party at Barnacles in Brandon.

Roxanne enjoyed sleeping in till 8 AM, visiting the Windy City & Kalamazoo, and taking time to smell the roses and make astute observations about life.

One observation she noted is that there’s nothing sexier than a Red Box pose. Forget about Tebowing. Red Boxing is the hot new craze taking shopping plaza corners by storm.

Did the Red Box brass plan for this customer sexiness in the design of their crafty street corner kiosks? Or was it just dumb luck with the flap’s utility being their main concern? Flip the red cover up and select your movie. You can’t help but look hot, hot, hot!

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