Vinny Lecavalier to Sign 5-Year Deal with Flyers

By: Justin Pawlowski Twitter: @CommishOnline

Within a week of the Lightning losing the most iconic player in their history and one of the most iconic players this area has ever seen, Vinny Lecavalier is on the verge of signing a 5-year contract with the hated Philadelphia Flyers.

Lecavalier’s 5-year deal looks to be worth $22.5 million or $4.5 million per season.

The Flyers have recently bought out both Danny Briere and Ilya Bryzgalov. The latter of which was only in the 2nd year of a 9-year mega contract.  This was an off-season where the Flyers were supposed to get their cap spending in order, and instead, they have brought in Vinny Lecavalier as their new leader.

Also involved in Lecavalier’s new contract is a full “no movement clause” preventing Vinny to be traded to any team during his contract in Philadelphia.

Every city and most teams end up seeing their iconic players ending their careers for other franchises. Vinny going to the Philadelphia Flyers is not just another franchise though.

What have been some of the most gut-wrenching decisions made by former Tampa Bay athletes?  Where does Vinny’s decision to join the Flyers rank?

We’ve seen:

Carl Crawford sign with the Boston Red Sox

Warrick Dunn sign with the Atlanta Falcons

Warren Sapp sign with the Oakland Raiders

In addition, what would be even harder to swallow than any of those moves?

How would you feel if David Price signed with the Yankees or Steven Stamkos with the Boston Bruins or Gerald McCoy with the New Orleans Saints?

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