By: Justin Pawlowski E-Mail: Twitter: @Commishonline

Some of the best and most creative giveaways for sporting events come from minor league baseball games.

There was “Office Space” night for the Dunedin Blue Jays which included a flair contest and fans could smash a printer.

The Bisbee Copper Kings paid tribute to Ted Williams with “Popsicle night” in 2002.

The Fort Myers Miracle once hosted “George Costanza Night” where everything was done in an opposite way the entire night.

The Mahoning Valley Scrappers have tried to take the most creative prize by giving away liposuction to one lucky fan in attendance.

In 2002, the Charleston RiverDogs wanted to set the record for fewest fans at a professional sporting event ever! It was called “Nobody Night” and fans were locked out of the stadium until the game and attendance became official in the 5th inning.  Have the Rays already been doing this?

Once a year since 2002, the Altoona Curve have hosted “Awful night” with Music by William Shatner and Milli Vanilli.  David Hasselhoff videos.  Spam sandwiches.  Intentional mispronunciations.  Bad costumes.  Instead of batting averages, players’ “failure averages” are announced. Bobbing for onions.

The Huntsville Stars have been making headlines recently with the night and giveaway they are planning on July 3rd.  They’re calling it “2nd Amendment Night” where fans get free admission if they bring their NRA membership card.  Fans will also have a chance to win one of three guns that will be given away.

Here’s the tag line:

Gates open at 6:00 pm for an exciting night of baseball filled with patriotism, fun, food, and firepower.

The topic of Rays attendance has been a hot one for a number of years.  With the team just slightly above .500 this season, the Rays might need even more help drawing fans in the 2nd half of the season.

What giveaway would most entice you to go to a Rays game?

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