So the best hitter in baseball, Miguel Cabrera, invaded Tropicana Field this weekend and man did he put on a show going 6-10 with 3 home runs. Amazingly it was his antics after the game that got all the fireworks started. A simple gesture of an arrow, the same arrow that Fernando Rodney uses to celebrate a successful save.

From that Rodney promptly fired a 100 mph fastball high and down the middle to send a message that yeah I saw you. And if that wasn’t enough the next pitch really got the message across as a 99 mph pitch was less than 8 inches from Cabrera’s head. That’s where I come in and say hey fellas this is dumb!

Let’s remember sports are just a game and we all compete to win, but we want to remain safe. In football, the most violent sport of all, people get hurt but no one, and I mean no one is trying to hurt anyone on purpose. In baseball, if I hit you, you hit me back or if I do something you don’t like, you hit me.

What if the retaliation pitch by Rodney hits Cabrera in the head? Just ask yourself what will happen if a 100 mph pitch hits you in the temple? And the worst thing of all happens? He dies! See I’m all for tradition and all these prehistoric things that go on into baseball but sooner or later this retaliate at a guys head is going to kill someone. And then what will we say? What will we do? I know what they’ll say: “Well he started it. He mimicked my arrow or he was trotting too slow around the bases!” LOL

Let’s find another way to retaliate or protect your guy before we kill someone for no reason at all. Sad thing about it is I don’t think we will and when a death does happen it will have been on a purposeful pitch and that’s just not right.


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