Booger McFarland: Urban Meyer and Others Enabled Aaron Hernandez

by Anthony "Booger" Mcfarland

Aaron Hernandez is in a lot of hot water these days. A young man that had everything from fame to fortune and all of that is gone in a matter of moments. We all have made the judgment in our mind whether or not he’s guilty and by most accounts he’s guilty as hell.

The number one question I have been asked as a former football player is how does this happen to a guy with all this money and stature. My answer has been one that is simple yet very scrutinized. He was enabled throughout his career by people of influence in his life, his coaches and mom included.

Let’s go back to when Aaron grew up in Bristol. Here’s a young man who was a star by all accounts. He was fatherless at the age of 16 and some want to blame that. I think that’s B.S. Just because you don’t have a father doesn’t give you the right to take up guns and shoot people as a hobby.

Then he moves on to the University of Florida, a college lifestyle and a college atmosphere. I’m not sure about you, but in college that’s where I became a young man. That’s where I started to grow up and a lot of that was shaped and molded by the people I was coached by and met during those years. This brings me to Urban Meyer, who by all accounts didn’t care about what was going on with all these players off the field. He was just worried about winning games and if that’s the case then he failed Aaron Hernandez.

Tony Dungy said when he came to Tampa that if we just win football games here in Tampa then we have failed. Maybe Urban Meyer should have talked to Tony so he could’ve influenced a guy like Aaron Hernandez. Don’t get me wrong, it’s 100% Aaron’s fault, but a lot of people along his life’s path enabled him in becoming the man who is currently in the headlines.

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