How does it happen? Exactly what has to go down for a professional athlete who seemingly has it all one minute, to be charged with murder the next? This Aaron Hernandez case has me fascinated if only for his stupidity! From what I heard today as the former Patriots TE was being arraigned, Mama Hernandez shouldn’t expect her boy home for Christmas. Surveillance cameras, cellphone records, and witness accounts all paint a bleak picture of a young man’s life taken way too soon by a cold-blooded murderer whose NFL days are surely in his past.

It sounds like the victim never had a chance. Odin Lloyd definitely knew something was poppin’ the night of his murder when he jumped into that Nissan Altima with Hernandez. He texted a family member something to the effect of, “You see who I’m with, right?” That’s the type of things girls do when they’re on that first date with the sketchy guy from Match. Let somebody know what’s up in case you end up murdered execution style by a narcissistic thug with a history of deviant behavior! It’s so sad Lloyd’s life was snuffed out at the tender age of 27, all over an alleged fight three days prior. It’s unclear what prompted the rage that would lead to a man’s death early that mid-June morning. What is clear is the fact that the evidence stacked against the defendant is sizeable. From cameras in his own home showing him entering with a piece drawn only moments after third shift workers reported hearing gun shots nearby, it doesn’t get much easier for a prosecutor.

There were character issues surrounding Hernandez dating back to his days with Tim Tebow at Florida. That’s why he dropped to New England in the fourth round. His behavior up until recently was deemed exemplary due to the fact he was awarded a contract extension when the club was under no obligation to do so. The guy got a huge signing bonus that will no doubt get eaten whole by his team of carnivorous attorneys. What a waste on so many levels. We’ll most likely never see the fast, rugged receiver catch a pass over the flat again. And we’ll definitely never know what might become of the life of Odin Lloyd. What a waste, indeed.

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