(AUDIO) Tiki Barber Tells The Commish His Comments Towards Sapp Not Personal, Were Blown Out Of Proportion

Earlier this week, former New York Giants running back Tiki Barber made the comment that former Buccaneer and soon-to-be Hall of Famer Warren Sapp “is an idiot” after Sapp suggested that former teammate Simeon Rice was a better player than Barber’s former teammate, Michael Strahan.

Barber was a guest with The Commish this morning, and said that his comments towards Sapp were not meant to be personal and were blown out of proportion by those on social media. Listen as Barber also talks about how Sapp’s original comparison of Rice and Strahan isn’t fair because they were different players, shares his thoughts on his brother Ronde’s retirement, and gives his take on the direction the Bucs are going in.

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    […] for his remarks. And why Barber did not deny he said that about Sapp, he claims his words were “blown out of proportion” by the same fourth estate in which he is trying to make a […]

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    (AUDIO) Tiki Barber Tells The Commish His Comments Towards Sapp Not Personal, Were Blown Out Of Proportion « CBS Tampa

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