I always knew I liked kissing. Who doesn’t??? But after reading about some of the benefits and science behind it on MSN Living, I’ve decided I’m going to up my smooching time.

From a physical standpoint, kissing does a body good. A minute or more make-out session will leave you with 6.4 less calories in your body (according to William Case in “The Art of Kissing”). Enjoy one Hershey’s Kiss, and then make out for four minutes and you’ll have burned off the chocolate calories. And the more passionate you make your kissing, the more muscles you’ll use. According to Adrainne Blue, who wrote “On Kissing: From the Metaphysical to the Erotic,” up to 34 facial muscles are used in a good French session. If it’s just a peck, it only requires flexing two facial muscles.

Kissing fires up the right chemicals in your body. So clean out your medicine cabinet and moisturize your lips. Kissing makes your body produce the lovey chemical, oxytocin. It also decreases your cortisol production. Cortisol is the icky stress hormone that, when over-produced, can result in weight gain, high cholesterol, and a host of other stress-related ailments. Oh, and male saliva contains testosterone, which kick-starts female libido. Who knew spit could be as good as Viagra?

Forget about matching dating profile or deciding if you like your prospective partner’s pedigree. The lips don’t lie. When a woman kisses a man, she subconsciously determines whether or not he’s the right fit for her to breed with based on his pheromones. And forget about making a first impression on the first handshake. Make it with your first kiss! If the first kiss goes well, expect another date. If it’s too awkward, it’s a safe bet that you may never hear from him/her again.

Final tips to maximize your make-out: guys like more tongue; ladies prefer more lip. And go ahead and listen to our podcast, On the Rox, for more:

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