The day has finally come for the guy who at the time of the trade was regarded as the number 1 or 2 prospect in all of baseball for the Kansas City Royals. He brings in hope, promise and excitement. With him also comes expectations of what it might be like to have a running mate for Evan Longoria.

Wil Myers will make his debut tonight and all I can say is: it’s about time. We traded away James Shields, Wade Davis and later Elliot Johnson for this kid and the rest of the crew and we have been waiting and waiting and waiting. We were told that he’s not ready. We were told he has holes in his swing. We were told succeeding in the minor leagues doesn’t count.

All in all keeping Wil Myers in the minors was all about the money. Once the date for the Rays to hold onto him in the super 2 status passed, all of a sudden those holes were filled. All of a sudden he’s ready. I’m not sure if he’s gonna light it up or not for an organization who says they have to be different. The Rays say they can’t do what the Yankees, Cubs, and Red Sox do but they sure are doing the exact same thing and that’s squeezing another year away from a top prospect by waiting until June to bring him up.

I agree Joe and Andrew do more with less, however I also think they can do more. Case in point Wil Myers. Instead we are wasting time with the Luke Scotts and the Ryan Roberts of the world. I truly hope that this kid is the real deal and we get what we want as fans, but truth be told, we should’ve already seen the kid two months ago.

Welcome to Tampa Wil Myers, play ball kid!!


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