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Why I Hate Tim Tebow

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Photo By: Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Photo By: Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Kirk Solo Kirk McEwen
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There I said it. I hate Tim Tebow! I wasn’t really sure why, but I could feel it. People ask me, “Why do you hate Tim Tebow so much? I listen to you and Dinger in the morning and can hear it in your voice!” It’s crazy. There’s a side of me that sees all that’s good with him, and I also see the other side. The side I come down on. As soon as I heard the guy say it on TV today, I knew he was spot on: “Tim Tebow has everything you want in a quarterback, except the ability to throw.” Let’s deal with this statement and both its parts. My contempt for the man lies squarely in his inability to throw, a prerequisite for any modern day signal caller. But first things first…

Tim Tebow is everything you want in a quarterback. I totally get it. The man is a born leader. Remember the Heisman and the two national championships for Gator Nation? Tebow Mania really caught fire after “The Promise” speech, where Tim apologized for the loss and took it upon himself to will the team to victory the rest of the way. This is the legend movies scripts are made of! Then Tebow somehow leaps up into Round 1 of the NFL Draft when not many expected he would. Then he actually leads his Broncos to a playoff win in Year 2! His leadership is unquestioned, as is his ability to make plays deep into meaningful games on Sunday. That win over Pittsburgh in the playoffs is the game most Tebow fans point to as the reason he can win at the NFL level. He does great work in the community, is a model teammate who reportedly is all about team, and he never shows up in the wrong part of the newspaper. Everything anyone could ever want in their QB, except…

The man won a playoff game over the vaunted Pittsburgh Steelers and that defense of theirs yet couldn’t keep his job. Not first, second, or third team for the Broncos. Do you know why? Because he sucks, that’s why! His bubble then burst for real against his new team, the Patriots the following week, as evidenced by his weak stats. Tebow apologists never ever bring up this game. You think John Fox and his boss John Elway wanted to attach their buggy to Tim Tebow? Absolutely not! How painful must it have been for the great John Elway to watch Tim Tebow throw and think this will be his “guy” for 10-15 years, leadership be damned! That RG III/Colin Kaepernick Read Option Offense only works if the option of throwing is a viable threat, and it was clear to most it wasn’t. If you’ve seen Tebow bounce balls at guys’ feet, you get my drift. It’s also been said the boy’s not all that bright. Just sayin’. There must be a reason he’s been banished from two locker rooms and was passed over by every other team in the league until Belichick called his name last minute at the Rose Ceremony! Let’s see how the Circus plays in Foxboro, Mass. The run was short and strained in “The Big Apple.” For me, it’s nothing personal, all business with Tebow. I like my QB’s to be able to throw, plain and simple. Apparently there are football minds in the league with those very sentiments. But not Bill Belichick. He’s smarter than all the rest.

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