Police: 2 Moms Arrested After Getting Into Fist Fight At Kids’ Talent Show

LAKEVIEW, Fla. (CBS Tampa) – Local police were forced to be the encore of a talent show at Lakeview Elementary School where two mothers of participating children got into a fist fight.

The trouble began when one mother, 39-year-old Latisha James, stood during the Friday performance in order to get a clearer view of her child. In the process, she blocked the view of 27-year-old Jessica Tyler, who subsequently struggled to see her own kid.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Tyler approached James and asked her to move, so that both of them could see. James refused, however, and reportedly used profanities in doing so.

After their first interaction, Tyler first returned to her seat, then walked back over to where James was standing. She then proceeded to stand in front of James to take a few pictures of her own.

When she went back to her seat once more, Tyler allegedly ran into a child who had accompanied James to the show, though reports offered to police by the two women vary in regards to whether or not she apologized. An employee at the school reportedly saw Tyler make a comment to James as well.

It was at that point that the situation turned violent, the paper learned. James reportedly approached Tyler and grabbed her by the throat. The action started a violent physical fight in the middle of the audience.

Local authorities became involved on Sunday, when they arrested James, who was said to be considered the primary aggressor. Tyler was not immediately apprehended by police, but both women are listed as suspects, and both women stated that they wish to press charges against the other.

Both would be facing battery charges in relation to the incident, the Sentinel learned from police.

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