By: Justin Pawlowski

Much has been made regarding Tim Tebow’s inability to play quarterback in the NFL. 

The man who was the starting quarterback for the Broncos in just his 2nd year as a pro and threw a game-winning touchdown pass to Demaryious Thomas to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in the playoffs is not even good enough to be on an NFL team’s extended off-season roster?

This just sounds asinine.

As Tim Tebow prepared for the NFL draft, draft analysts called Tebow a “developmental quarterback” who projected as a 2nd/3rd round pick.  Yet, when has Tebow ever been given any time to “develop” as a quarterback?

Tebow has never been given an opportunity to truly develop because his rabid fan base can’t stand the fact that Tebow needs to sit on the bench and learn.  It’s also his fan base that could end up bringing Tebow’s NFL career to a premature end.

An ESPN the Magazine story has said that people within the Tebow camp have privately accepted the fact that Tebow’s NFL career is over, which was denied by Tebow’s dad.

With just three NFL seasons under his belt, Tebow should still be in the developmental process.  His statistics are awful, but when “developmental quarterbacks” are forced to play before they are ready, most will have statistics that are not very attractive.

I find it hard to believe that Tim Tebow is a worse quarterback than Ryan Lindley, Tyrod Taylor, Dominique Davis, and Kellen Clemens, all of which have NFL roster spots to this point.  Tim Tebow sits unemployed.

Despite what some would make you believe, Tebow does have talent.  We also know he has a tremendous work ethic.

Last year, the NFL expanded off-season rosters to 90 players per team.  That means, with 32 NFL teams, there should be 2,880 players employed by NFL teams, yet Tebow is not one of them.

Why are teams against having a “developmental quarterback” like Tebow on their roster? 

I do not believe this has anything to do with ability, lack of ability, attitude, or anything else relating to Tebow the person or the player. 

The reason Tebow sits unemployed at this moment is because the legions of rabid fans that follow him have made it nearly impossible for a team to give up a roster spot for him without having Tebow become a bigger distraction than asset to their team.

Sure, some fans might point to the media and use the media as a scapegoat, but might I remind you that it is worthless for the media to “overhype” a backup quarterback unless the ratings went up with the coverage.  Again, it all comes back to Tebow’s rabid fans that are the driving force.

If you are a Tebow fan and are upset that your favorite player sits unemployed and might never get a chance in the NFL again, be sure to look in the mirror before blaming someone else because it might just be you who have done this to him.


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