Source: Donald Penn’s Weight Is Not An Issue

by Max Luckan

It’s no secret that Tampa Bay Buccaneers tackle Donald Penn has had weight issues in the past. General manager Mark Dominik even hesitated giving Penn a multi-year extension because of his struggles with his weight.

On Sunday, a report surfaced that indicated Penn had failed to meet multiple weight clauses provided by his current contract.

However, that report was inaccurate and off-base, according to a league source. In December of 2012, Penn made the required weight at a weigh-in and he met the requirements of his most recent one, which took place on April 1, the source said.

The issue, in fact, arose before the 2012 season, which is when Penn did still struggle with weight issues and failed to acquire bonuses in his contract. But recently, Penn has worked to get into better shape and the Bucs haven’t complained about his progress in that regard.

While Penn has oft been criticized about his weight, it’s no secret that the Pro-Bowler has had success in stopping opposing defensive ends. Penn has been a staple on the Bucs offensive line, so team management isn’t too concerned about any weight-related issues with the 30-year-old Penn at this point.

With that being said, Penn has another weigh-in coming on June 1, but he’s currently below the required weight for that date, a league source said.

And if Penn meets that requirement and he is expected to, there shouldn’t be any further problems heading into training camp and the 2013 regular season.

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