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(AUDIO) Top Ten Meltdowns in Sports

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Photo By: Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Photo By: Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

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When we think of athletes and coaches, we think “cool under pressure.” But we also think: intensity. And for these ten sports personalities, their intensity got the best of them. The fire in their belly resulted in a colossal meltdown.

1.Dennis Green
Cuddly, adorable Dennis Green
He looks like a big cub…till he’s mean
After a Chicago Bears game
He was hard to tame
His post-game tirade wasn’t clean

2.John McEnroe
McNasty is what they called McEnroe
A temper, we knew, at a moment could blow
One day on the court
His fuse grew short
And he let the cuss-words flow!

3.Jim Mora
He grew up as an Eagle Scout who never lied
At the end of the game he was on the losing side
Losing the game
Filled him with shame
“Playoffs” made him famous nationwide

4.John Tortorella
A Tampa Bay fave named Tortorella
A hockey coach who’s a passionate fella
If his players did bad on the ice
Surly answers would have to suffice
Or he’d punch you till you sang A Capella*

5.Chris Berman
A first at the four-letter network
He certainly didn’t seem like a jerk
But one day he went crazy
Because someone was lazy
Belittling interns is a job perk

6.Ryan Leaf
A first-rounder on the West Coast
Of his passing skills, many did boast
But he couldn’t play
Drugs got in the way
And now his brain is just toast

7.Hal McRae
A Skipper by the name of Hal
Revered by his players as a pal
But reporters, watch out!
He might scream and shout
And use a few words that are foul

8.Mike Gundy
There once was a coach named Mike Gundy
Who must have had a knot in his undies
He bought a car that was sporty
Because he’s a man, and he’s 40
But now he looks just like Al Bundy

9.Bobby Knight
There was a mean son of a bitch named Knight
A guy always looking for a fight
He choked kids and threw chairs
He’d toss your grandma down stairs
No wonder his teams always played tight

10.Jim Shoenfeld
Here was an ornery, young coach named Shoenfeld
He was pissed because his team hadn’t gelled
So after the Bruins lead got big
He called a ref a fat pig
And no Stanley Cup was held

*Please note, this line was just used for the sake of the rhyme. John Tortorella has never punched a reporter, though certainly he’s wanted to, at times.

You can listen to us go through the countdown and hear the meltdowns!

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