Police: Man Breaks Into House To Grab Beer While Running From Cops

LIGHTHOUSE POINT, Fla. (CBS Tampa) – A local man was arrested after a dramatic police chase that involved K-9 officers, a helicopter – and a quick beer stop.

Police were first alerted to a potential looting early Sunday morning. Their investigation led to the discovery of a suspect, 21-year-old Andrew Fatzinger, who was reportedly caught destroying the home with mustard and illegible writing on the walls.

Police said that the victims of the looting were out of town during the break-in, the Florida Sun-Sentinel is reporting.

Responding authorities saw Fatzinger pacing the house while wearing a t-shirt over his head. When they called to him, he started to run.

A “long foot pursuit” ensued, Officer M. Riemer wrote in an incident report obtained by the paper. A helicopter from the Broward Sheriff’s Office flew over the area while K-9 officers sniffed in search of Fatzinger.

At one point during the chase, an officer saw the suspect run onto a nearby patio for a short period of time before allegedly re-emerging with two bottles of Heineken beer.

It was the K-9 unit that eventually caught up with Fatzinger, who tried one last time to escape by punching one of the dogs. He was reportedly injured in the fight with the animal, however, and unable to evade police any longer.

Deputies eventually took him to prison, and charged him with home burglary, grand theft, striking a police dog and resisting arrest with violence, the Sun-Sentinel learned.

A subsequent investigation of the home revealed that the televisions had also been broken, in addition to the other acts of vandalism Fatzinger committed. Authorities also indicated in the incident report that they found a suitcase containing electronics, medication and two laptops.

In all, Fatzinger caused an estimated $5,000 in damage.

The homeowners aren’t the only ones seeking justice. The man who owned the two bottles of beer is also reportedly pressing charges.

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