ST. CLOUD, Fla. (CBS Tampa) — A woman has been accused of stealing nearly 150 items from cemetery grave sites to use to decorate her home.

St. Cloud Police report that 57-year-old Debra Farinella stole flowers and statues to put on display, WFTV reports.

“We have 146 different items, and they were items taken from adult grave sites, baby, young grave sites and everything,” police spokesman Chad Durham told WFTV.

Authorities received a tip from someone who saw Farinella stealing items from gravesites at Mount Peace Cemetery. When authorities showed up to her house, she said she bought the items at a yard sale. She was subsequently arrested Thursday.

“She was not particular on what she took,” Durham told WFTV. “If she liked it she took it. (She) took it home with her and put it in her yard, in her house, back yard and front yard.”

Family members of the deceased who had items stolen from their resting place were appalled.

“Stuff had been stolen off. I went and replaced it, and like within two days, it was stolen again,” Pam Neal, whose 81-year-old mother passed away last year, told WOFL-TV. “You can always replace items, but it was just the respect issue, that’s what I couldn’t get over.”

Farinella has been charged with grand theft with bail set at $1,000.


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