Crazy Miami Heat Fan Caught Screaming At Joakim Noah Has Sordid Past

A viral photo of a crazed Miami Heat fan screaming obscenities at Bulls (and former Gator) Joakim Noah following his ejection in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference semifinals has been making the rounds on the internet. The real story isn’t in the action on the court however, but in the sordid past of one (possibly) insane woman.

Taj Gibson would also get ejected shortly after Noah, but nothing beats the reaction by one incensed Miami fan…

The woman pictured flipping the bird at Noah has since been identified by the Sun Sentinel as Miami socialite (and widow) Filomena Tobias. Tobias, was once suspected of murdering her (wait for it) fourth husband, the late hedge fund manager Seth Tobias.

Watch the entire sequence below, and then see if you feel bad for the Heat for having awful fans, or for the Bulls for having to put up with such insanity during the 115-78 loss.


For her part, Tobias’ daughter Victoria Racanati, tells the Sun Sentinel that her mom was just ‘having fun’.


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