NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. (CBS Tampa) – A 90-year-old man stuck in his car for days survived by eating cake, cookies and empty ice cream cones.

Neighbors John Collins and Carl Frantz tell WTSP-TV that Justyn Ambrozia was unable to get out of his car after sustaining injuries in a fall at a grocery store.

“There was something on the floor that he tripped on,” Collins told WTSP. “He says he grabbed for the shelf and the shelf let loose, and when he went to the floor he broke his arm. He broke his hip.”

Frantz was upset that he didn’t help Ambrozia sooner.

“I always watched out for him and then, when something happened, I wasn’t there to help him,” Frantz told WTSP.

Collins went on to say that the store helped Ambrozia out of the store but did not call paramedics to help the eldery man.

“Put him in the car with his groceries,” Collins told WTSP. “They should have called. They shouldn’t have touched him.”

Ambrozia managed to drive himself home, but once he parked his car in the garage he was not able to get out.

Days went by before anyone noticed anything until a neighbor and his dog sensed something was wrong.

Help was finally called and Ambrozia was rushed to Medical Center for Trinity for his hip.

“When they picked him up and put him on the gurney, he was scrunched all up in a knot,” Frantz told the station.

Ambrozia is currently recovering from his injuries. The store where the fall took place did not comment.


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