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(AUDIO) Kirk & Dinger Challenge – Air Travel Troubles

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Photo By: ADEK BERRY/Getty Images

Photo By: ADEK BERRY/Getty Images

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Kirk and Dinger both took flights this weekend. Both claim to travel at a high level. Who knows more about the friendly skies and unfriendly hassles of airline travel?

1.True or False? In the early day of flight, no air traffic control existed; pilots had to keep their eyes peeled for other planes.

2.The world’s busiest commercial airport is located in what city?
a.Dubai (largest duty-free section)
b.Atlanta (970,000 airplane movements a year)
c.Los Angeles
d.New York

3.This airport ranks the worst for the check-in and security process, staff communication, and design and cleanliness:
a.Hartfield-Jackson in Atlanta
b.New York’s LaGuardia
c.New York’s JFK

4.The airport that is known for its poor design and cantankerous staff is located in:
b.Los Angeles

5.At large airports, passengers are delayed on average:
a.10 minutes
b.12 minutes
c.16 minutes
d.35 minutes

6.Travel and Leisure ranks this airport as the best in the United States:

7.This substance is used to de-ice runways so that snow and ice don’t get into the engines:

9.True or False? Airports that handle large planes need long runways; the size of which corresponds to the distance it needs to take off.

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