Study: Prom Costs Nearly $1,200 Per Student

TAMPA (CBS Tampa) – Earlier this week, a high school student in South Florida took to the Internet to ask a Miami Heat player to her prom.

The girl, who identifies herself only as Nicole, posted a video to YouTube asking the Heat’s Dwyane Wade to accompany her to the dance with the help of signs, music and even a little dancing, WPTV reported.

But if Wade accepts her proposal, Nicole should start saving now. A recent national study found that paying for prom will cost families an average of almost $1,200 per teenager attending.

The survey, conducted by Visa, found that between the event ticket itself, the finery worn by attendees and extras such as a limousine ride, students and parents throughout the United States are paying around $1,139 for the entire night.

The new figure indicates a rise in price from the $1,079 per person average of 2012. Costs were 40 percent lower two years ago, when each student’s special night would cost around $807, the Los Angeles Times learned.

Certain regions of the country could pay even than that more per child – specifically, the Northeast, who can expect to spend $1,528 on prom night. In the Midwest, prom costs per student are far lower, averaging out to $722 each.

Overall costs also varied between families of different wealth classes – though not in the way one may think. The Times learned that families with annual incomes falling below $50,000 paid more than wealthier families for the big occasion.

And though many students share the burden of prom costs with their parents, it’s the latter that still end up paying most of the money. Visa’s survey indicates that teens take care of approximately 41 percent of the bills.

The information for the study was reportedly collected during phone interviews with 3,000 participants.

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    […] survey, conducted by Visa, found that between the event ticket itself, the finery worn by attendees and extras such as a […]

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