Mr. Know-It-All on Everything in the Bay Area
By Rich Herrera

Mr. Know-It-All has quite a bit of ground to cover on this go around so cinch up your chaps and make sure you are ready for the chute to open.

I wonder if anyone knows what a go around is when I use the term on the radio to start a new segment with callers. A go around is a rodeo term used to describe the first or second round of a rough stock event. If you don’t know what a rough stock event is call the show and Ill explain them to you.

Hats off to the entire Bucs Organization from the Glazers to the Head Coach and a standing O for the GM. You see while most of us fretting and getting upset over the prolonged and I mean really prolonged trade talk with the Jets, Mark Dominik had to keep the entire deal afloat when everyone else was growing weary of the talks. Even the most patient man has to start feeling the pressure of a long drawn out process. Now couple that with the media screaming and squawking and the fans belly aching and having to make sure that your ownership wasn’t feeling the pressure from the outside and the Head Coach was not getting cold feet as every other corner back on God’s green earth was signing elsewhere. I said on the show and write it today the Revis deal would make or break the Bucs season and Mark Dominik future as their GM. Get him and you are king of the world and we will name streets after you, don’t get him and the clock is ticking on when the moving trucks are on the way. It was a very gutsy move for the GM and he knew the team’s fortunes depended on the deal getting done. Oh yes by the way the Jets GM knew the same thing and played a game of chicken with the Bucs. They knew how bad the Bucs needed Revis and were asking for a king’s ransom in return. When the talks began the Jets had the hammer and knew it. And everyday the hammer was bigger as the fans clamored for the deal to be done one way or another. The Jets leaked stories and tried to get the Bucs to blink while asking for the moon. But in the end it was Mark Dominik who stood tall and never waivered and got his man for his price. It takes some real guts to do what he did and for that I applaud him!!!

The Rays are playing Rays baseball in the early part of 2103. Some hitting, some pitching and some defense. For the life of me I don’t get why people are scratching their heads why this team is the same that you have seen for the past few seasons. The Rays are built on pitching and defense and that is it. For anyone to carp and complain about the bats is silly. The Rays have never been about offense. The Rays have a plan and have never ever deviated from it. Have they ever said lets sign Albert Pujlos, have they ever signed Prince Fielder? NO, so why would anyone seem to think they are going to be an offensive machine. They have a few good hitters, Longo and Zobrist, and guys who play roles on the team. That’s it. Anyone who has told you any different needs an eye test and his head looked at. So I have a new idea for you, why not accept this is the way the ballclub is built and it is not changing anytime soon. You can hate it all you want but it is what it is and that is their plan. The results have been pretty good and the rest of baseball respects what they do with a small payroll and limited resources, why can’t the bay area do the same. It is very much an underdog approach, and I thought America loves an underdog. I know it is frustrating and sometimes you want more. But I will ask you this, what is better a winner on the field or a team that comes in last year after year. Reality check baseball fans, when I got to the Tampa Bay in 2005 all anyone dared to dream of was a winning record, now just winning no matter how unglamorous it is doesn’t seem to be enough. Pump the breaks and get over yourself. Success in this game is a very fleeting thing, enjoy it while you can because there is no guarantee it will continue.


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