So today, just like always when something big goes down, Twitter blew up. You heard everything from “trade Revis” to “don’t trade him”, and finally my favorite “the Jets are dumb for trading their best player”. See I take offense to the last one based on one huge, glaring point: Woody Johnson.

Darelle Revis is the best corner in the NFL. He is also someone who has had contract disputes on each of the contracts he has signed. And last but not least, he is someone who the owner of the team, Woody Johnson. has said privately to anyone that will listen that he isn’t going to pay him.

So you either allow him to come to training camp and play the season out being one of the biggest elephant in the room distractions there is or you wait as long as you possibly can and take the best deal that is out there. And oh by the way, because of the last contract he signed you can’t franchise him.

Looks like the Jets have done the latter and a trade to Tampa has taken place. I not only think that it was the right thing to do but the smart business thing to do and I base that solely off of one thing: Woody Johnson. Let’s not forget it’s his money.

Best player on the team or not it really doesn’t matter when you can’t, won’t or aren’t willing to sign him beyond the next 8 months. Welcome to Tampa young man, and I say that staring at Drew Brees, Matt Ryan and Cam Newton!!!


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