By: Justin Pawlowski

Leading up to Draft day on April 25th, I will be “making the case” for different players to be selected or not selected by the Bucs with the 13th overall selection.

For each player, I will give reasons why the Buccaneers should strongly consider that player and why they should pass on that player as well.

Here. We. Go.

With the 13th pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Jarvis Jones – Linebacker – Georgia

The first thing you always here when a player performs well at the combine or at his pro day is, does it translate on film.  Well, there are few players in this draft with as good of film as Jarvis Jones.  He is a force off the edge and is best at rushing the quarterback.  Also remember, that film and his ability were shown in the SEC.

While 4-3 linebackers have lost some of their value over the years due to the changing world of the NFL to a pass happy league, a player like Jones might be able to keep that value because of his ability in pass situations.

The Buccaneers did part ways with Quincy Black this off-season, and while they signed Jonathan Casillas from the Saints, the strongside linebacker position is open for competition.  In an ideal world, the Bucs would have a linebacker playing that position that can be a force in stopping the run, but also come down to the line-of-scrimmage on passing downs and rush the passer. Jones could be the player to do just that.

The concerns with Jones is that his measurables just don’t match up with some other players.  He does not have elite athleticism or speed, which might make vulnerable in space.  Jones also does not possess elite size or strength, so if the Bucs were looking to boost their pass rush, they might be able to just find a better all-around player for simply that role.

Jones is probably a much better fit in a 3-4 defense where he is used as a pass rusher a majority of the time and not asked to play in large amounts of space.  If the Bucs did draft him, it might be interesting to see how creative the Bucs would have to get to make sure Jones is an asset to the defense and not a liability.

Well, there you have it.  The arguments are there to either draft or to pass on Georgia LB Jarvis Jones.  Which way would you go?  Call The Commish during his show heard weekdays 9-noon and let him know!

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