You’d be hard pressed to find a better month on the sports calendar than April. The Masters kicks off today with the Par 3 Contest, a casual family affair preceding one of the most nerve wrenching four days of golf! The azaleas blooming, Amen Corner, and Eisenhower Tree, Augusta National has become a worldwide treasure because it’s the only major played at the same course year in and year out. The course is a familiar old friend with stories that span the tournament. Nicklaus and Norman. Palmer and Player. And Tiger. Trying to win another green jacket and his first since 2005. But there’s so much more to my favorite sports month of the year…

Opening Day: The unofficial start of summer, Opening Day is a rebirth of sorts. The one day of the long season that is virtually guaranteed to sell out in most stadiums. It’s also a time of great hope and excitement with every team’s fans thinking maybe this could be the year. Every team’s fans except Houston’s. And maybe the Cubs.

The Final 4: How about that March Madness?! From FGCU to Wichita State to the finale in the ATL, what starts in March ends with a bang in April! This year’s Michigan – Louisville title game was action packed and water-tight! Add in the drama supplied by Kevin Ware and this year’s hoops lived up to the hype.

NHL Playoffs: The last regular season games in this lockout shortened season happen April 27th. Then the battle truly begins. The NHL post season is the most grueling and vicious in sport! Bangin’ the same guy into the boards game after game, night after night breeds a healthy dislike between opponents. When it comes to playoffs, hockey does it right!

NBA Playoffs: The Association gets their post season under way on April 20th this year. Honestly, I usually don’t start checking in too closely with the NBA playoffs until a little deeper into the process, but with King James and Miami looking to repeat there’s some added drama. Also, can the Clippers go deep, are the Spurs too old, and what about the Knickerbockers? We’ll soon have the answers.

NFL Draft: Now THIS is definitely Must See TV for me! I could watch every pick in every round, I love the draft that much! This year it’s April 25 – 27, three days that determine player’s lives and team’s fortunes for years to come. Manti, Ziggy, and Star will all have new homes by the end of the month. And what of the “Honey Badger?” Who’ll take a flier on that guy and all the luggage he can carry? I’m looking forward to finding out.

So, as you can tell, there’s a ton o’ stuff for the sports fan to get behind in the month of April! The Masters just happens to be one of many highlights in a power-packed month. Don’t blink! You might miss something…


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