(VIDEO) Booger McFarland: Rutgers and Mike Rice Show Why We Haven’t Learned from Joe Pa

I’m a firm believer that history repeats itself, although in some instances I wish it wouldn’t. Let’s think back to Penn state University and that sad situation in Happy Valley.

You had an athletic director, president, and head coach covering up what I would call one of the worst cases of sodomy I’ve ever seen. The kids who they were entrusted to lead and protect were allowed to be sexually abused in a shower, on their campus and they did nothing.

Which brings us to the Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice who had one of the most violent displays of misconduct toward young men I’ve ever seen. First there was the language, the swearing, the throwing of balls at the player, and last but not least, the grabbing and shoving.

This same coach that was in charge of leading and protecting them was now abusing them in a way that we haven’t seen. And, oh yeah, when it happened the president and the athletic director at Rutgers not only knew about it, they went along with the 3 game suspension and $50k fine.

Well now after all of the media attention and scrutiny from fans, parents and politicians, Rutgers finally decided to fire Mike Rice. Funny how that happens AFTER all of the negative attention.

You see history repeats itself and although the Rutgers coach didn’t sodomize his players, he verbally and physically abused them. If it were your kid would you be OK with it? People in positions of leadership are supposed to lead by example. They are supposed to be the voice of reason when no one else is. But we have seen in both the Penn state and now the Rutgers case that these people can’t be trusted. I put nothing past them when it comes to our youth.

I am a parent and I am all for tough love and learning the hard way, but there is a line and Rutgers crossed it. Makes me wonder, did anybody learn anything from Joe Paterno and Penn State? I hope they did, otherwise we will see this situation again.

If you missed the Outside the Lines report on Mike Rice from ESPN, check it out below:

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