Abuse Victim Brochure Accidentally Includes Number To Sex Chat Line

LAKE COUNTY, Fla. (CBS Tampa) — A phone number printed incorrectly in a brochure for sexual assault and domestic abuse victims led parties interested in help to a sex chat line.

The pamphlet was said to be designed by officials with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office to give victims information about abuse, as well as options for treatment and recovery.

A part of the brochure listed phone numbers to different abuse counseling hotlines. But one phone number was transcribed incorrectly.

“We actually had a victim call us and tell us that one of our phone numbers were incorrect, that it was actually to one of those 1-800 chat lines,” Lake County Sgt. Jim Vachon told WPBF-TV.

In light of the error, new brochures have reportedly been printed, and the old ones have been destroyed. Some working for the cause are still upset by the mix-up, however.

“It disturbs me because I don’t want my victims calling that number,” Kelly Smallridge, executive director of the domestic abuse shelter Haven, told WPBF. “If they are in need of help, if they are upset, that is probably the last number they need to call.”

According to the sheriff’s office, the incorrect phone number was actually provided by Haven, an error in translation some attributed to the multi-county shelter’s 1990s merger with a rape crisis center.


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