Commish: Buccaneers Being Very Quiet With Many Needs Left

By: Justin Pawlowski

It has been one of the big letdowns of 2013.  The Buccaneers continue to be inactive when it comes to addressing their biggest needs in free agency this off-season.

There has been a lot made of a potential Darrelle Revis trade despite nothing of substance ever coming to fruition.  While the focus has been on Revis, numerous other players at positions of need for the Buccaneers have been snatched up.

While the first wave of free agency saw cornerbacks like Sean Smith (Chiefs), Cary Williams (Eagles), and Keenan Lewis (Saints) all signed.  The 2nd wave of free agency could see even more corners come off the board.

The Raiders have expressed interest in former Cowboys and USF CB Mike Williams. The Bucs have not been mentioned.

The Browns remain a likely landing spot for former Falcons CB Brent Grimes, but now the Dolphins have jumped back into the mix. The Bucs have rarely been mentioned with substance.

Yes, the Bucs made a big splash with the signing of Dashon Goldson at safety, but Bucs fans want more.

Sure, the Bucs made under-the-radar signings of Kevin Ogletree as a slot receiver, Tom Crabtree at tight end, and Jonathan Casillas at outside linebacker, but Bucs fans still want more…and why shouldn’t they?

The Buccaneers still have holes at the biggest need areas on their team even after 2 weeks of free agency. While we’ve mentioned cornerback, the Bucs defensive line lacks any depth, they have no right tackle, and a threat across the middle of the field on offense is still uncertain.

Speaking of defensive line, Elvis Dumervil signed with the Ravens yesterday, and the Bucs were not even mentioned as a potential landing spot. Osi Umenyiora is on the verge of signing with the Falcons, with little mention of the Bucs. Dwight Freeny has been linked to the Broncos. John Abraham, who you would think would at least get a sniff from the Bucs, has not been linked to Tampa Bay at all.

It has been an odd off-season across the entire NFL this off-season, but even more-so for a team in the Buccaneers with so much money and so many needs to address.

One would understand their interest in one of the NFL’s best defensive players in Darrelle Revis, but now the Bucs might have backed themselves into a corner where it’s either Revis or bust.  When that happens, teams tend to overpay, which is exactly what the Bucs might do.

Hell, at least if they overpay for Revis, they got something done.

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