I can’t believe it but it’s true. Lebron James will go down as the best basketball player ever. Period. End of story. I can’t believe I’m typing this because I’ve always been a Jordan guy, and I certainly mean no disrespect. The things Jordan has done are legendary, I mean where do you want to start? Coming of age and surpassing the greatness that was Magic and Bird. The All-Star game Slam Dunk Competition where the Air Jordan symbol was born and the Human Highlight Film was defeated. Six Lawrence F. O’Brien trophies for the people of Chicago, winning MVP in every Finals he performed in. Three NBA All Star MVPs. Original Dream Team. Need I go on?

For me it goes a little deeper. I went to Maryland when Michael went to UNC. I saw MJ go head to head with quite possibly the only man that could have given him a run as best ever, in my opinion, the late Len Bias. We would get our seats at the now moth-balled Cole Field House around 4 on game days and watch Bias and the boys take on Sampson and Virginia, the great Valvano NC State teams, and of course, Michael. I saw Michael in between boy and man, kinda like that Britney song. He was always among the best players on the floor back then. It wasn’t until later that he became the undisputed best player on the floor. Then, teamed with Pippen, the Worm, Paxson, BJ and all the rest was he able to secure the title of best ever. That was until King James arrived.

Lebron James had Michael Jordan’s phone number when he was in high school! Used to wear MJ’s number and play pick-up games with The Man. You know why? Because even Michael wanted a front row seat for greatness! The things Lebron James can do on a basketball court are ridiculous. He’s got the outside game, he’s got the inside game. He puts teams on his back as Michael used to do and carries them to victory. I watched the streak gasp for air at 23 the other night against the Celtics. The Heat were down 17 on the road until Lebron took the game over. He finished with 37, 7, and 12. The man sniffs a triple double most nights and is now comfortable in his skin after winning that first championship and rinsing his mouth of Cleveland and “The Decision”. Plus, there was no college basketball apprenticeship. Straight to the world class athletes, baby, something Michael didn’t do and today’s high school ballers aren’t ALLOWED to do! After Lebron unseats Michael Jordan it will be that much harder to be surpassed. Can it be done? Most definitely! Is there anyone on the horizon quite the man LBJ is? Uhhhh…..no. Lebron is now on his way to finishing out, …”not 2, not 3, not 4…” You get the idea. Throw this streak in as a nice little side bar when it’s all said and done. And don’t blink. You can tell your grandkids you saw the best that ever played the game. You can tell ’em all about Lebron James.


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