The Bucs: To Spend or Not to Spend by Booger McFarland

It’s that time of year. Free agency, where every team is trying to fill holes and scratch names off their wish list. Whether you’re the Buccaneers signing Dashon Goldson or the Dolphins signing Mike Wallace you have a mind set of “I need to improve my team in areas that are deficient.”

Which brings us back to the Bucs. We all know what the problem is on our team and that is pass defense. And truth be told, it’s a combination of two areas: coverage and rush. And we don’t have a lot of coverage.

If the season started today theoretically we can play with the defensive lineman we have. Bowers, McCoy, and Claiborne sound pretty good when all are healthy and humming. But when you talk corners, it’s a completely different deal. The sound of Johnson, Gorrer, and any other slappy in the secondary just doesn’t do it for me.

So Mark Dominik is in charge of changing that, but he must be careful. We need the signings/trades to impact our team like Vincent Jackson, not like Mario Williams. We need Simeon Rice not Albert Haynesworth. Which spins the arrow right back to where it should be pointing, at Mark Domink.

It’s up to Dominik to fix the areas in which we are weak or down right awful. So as we all sit and wonder what’s going to happen and start to panic because there haven’t been any corners signed or traded for, remember not only does Dominik’s reputation depend on it, so does his job.

To spend or not to spend? Glad it’s not my job.

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