In the life that most of us live, we are so focused on everything that matters to us, until someone or something grabs our attention. It’s late in the evening. You’re relaxing, flipping through the channels and you see vintage Michael Jordan on TV. You stop! Because everyone wanted to be like Mike, the greatest basketball player of all-time. He pulled you in to see just what he would do next. Greatness is special to see but often hard to find.

That brings me to Tiger Woods. When he came on the scene in 1996 and said ‘hello world’ you were kind of curious. When he showed up at Augusta in 1997 and the cooks came out of the kitchen to watch, so did you. When he won his first major after his dad died at The Open, then cried on caddie Steve Williams’ shoulder, you were glued to the tube. And how could we forget what happened Thanksgiving night? The whole world was watching.

We are now a few years removed from the incident and all that went along with it. He was scrutinized for his actions, judged about his character and praised by some who wanted to be him. Tiger Woods has now won 5 times in the last calendar year and heads into the year’s first major as the odds on favorite. Which ever side of the fence you land on as it pertains to Tiger, one thing remains the same: Tiger Woods moves the needle more than anyone in sports . And this I know: you and I will be watching every time he tees it up, especially at that place in northeast Georgia they call Augusta National.


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